Some people call me Neevs. Some people call me Niva. Some other weirdos call me Neva Las Vegas. Honestly, I'll answer to juuuust about anything. I am absolutely obsessed with my schnoodle pupper, Perrin. He's truly the goodest boy in all the land. On any given morning you'll find me drinking iced coffee (even if it's freezing) and on any given weekend you'll find me convincing my husband to visit a new craft brewery we haven't tried yet! Have I mentioned I named my dog after a brewery? I constantly start reading new books but usually end up bailing to read Harry Potter instead. The heart wants what it wants! #dontjudgeme

But let's talk about why you're here for a just a sec. I have always been obsessed with capturing love in all its rare and beautiful forms. I am enamored by human connection. It's the reason I chose to be a wedding photographer instead of the thousands of other beautiful things on this earth I could point my camera at, love fascinates me the most. There is a simple, mystical art in freezing a moment of connection between two people in love. An elusive energy that I love to chase. I'm a natural storyteller, a born collaborator, and I thrive in preserving the most intimate moments and letting your love truly speak for itself.

I'm overjoyed that you're here and I would be honored to tell your story.

So let's chat!