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I'm Neva!

Here's some more stuff about me.

Hello, new friend! My name is Neva but I answer to all sort of names, including (but not limited to) Neevs, Niva, Neva Las Vegas, and "that short person." I'm a wedding photographer and filmmaker based in Rockville, MD and I am obsessed with capturing love wherever I can find it. I consider myself among the luckiest people in the world to be able to freeze people's most sacred memories and allow them to keep them forever through my photography.

I have always been a creator, performer, and artist since my very earliest memories performing stand up comedy (poorly) in my parents kitchen to anyone who would listen. My photography roots go as far back as negotiating with "the tooth fairy" to give me a disposable camera instead of leaving money under my pillow. My little-kid-brain didn't realize disposable cameras cost more than $2 wayyyy back in the nineties!


 Lucky for me, I got that tiny camera, and many more after it. It was through those disposable lenses that I started to develop my eye for composition and actively seek to capture beauty. Through the years, I would stray from photography in favor of other forms of art like clarinet, acting, and singing but I always knew I'd come back some day.

Capturing love is a gift, and it is not one I take lightly. There is a simple, mystical art in documenting a moment between two people in love. An elusive energy I can't help but chase. I'm a natural story teller, a born collaborator, and I thrive in preserving my couples' most intimate moments and allowing love to speak for itself. I'm thrilled you're here and would be honored to tell your story as well.


Some Fun Facts...!

1. I was a theater major at Michigan State University. I actually took one elective photography class in my third year and it ended up being my worst grade placement of my college career. It even kept me from making Dean's List that semester! Life has a way of laughing right in your face sometimes!

2. I'm a compulsive hummer. I don't even catch myself doing it until people point it out! Potentially a by-product of being a singer for so long!

3. I don't eat sandwiches like a normal person. I always take the entire sandwich apart and put it back together and then rearrange after every bite. I'm not kidding. Every single bite has to be exactly the same! And don't even get me started with tacos.

4. If you saw me with a Starbucks cup at any point during college, it's HIGHLY LIKELY I was drinking hot chocolate and not coffee. After that I moved onto white chocolate mochas to feel like an adult, haha! It took me about ten solid years, but now I drink my coffee black!

5. There was a time in my life when I was 100% convinced I would be a professional musician. I even got into MSU's clarinet program, and then quit. And then I got into their vocal program, and also quit. There's probably still a wanted poster with my face on it in the music building!

6. I'm OBSESSED with accents and often talk to myself when I'm alone or in my car in different accents. Right now it's Australian!

7. I changed my name legally to Neva (from Nevart lolol) in 7th grade! I got a lawyer and a new social security card and it was a whole thing. My first name was SO easy to make fun of and I'll let your imagination take it from there. ;)

8. I have never seen one second of a Star Wars movie. At this point I feel like it's my unique novelty trivia fact and I'm very unmotivated to change it!

9. I do not like the beach and it's a huge shame because I don't sunburn. It's basically the only superpower being Armenian gets you! Conversely, my Irish husband loves the beach but his sunburns are otherworldly.

10. I only have one speed. I'm either ALL THE WAY IN or I'm all the way out. It's how this photography business came to be!


"we are making photographs to understand what our lives really mean to us" - robert frank