What To Expect From Your Engagement Session


So here's the thing. Planning for your engagement shoot can feel overwhelming. You want your photos to perfectly capture YOU and your unique relationship, but you also don't want some crazy posed and stiff looking pictures. Great! I don't want that for you either! The last thing I want you to think is that you have to show up knowing all your best angles, the best way to pose, or how to find the best light. Absolutely not. That's MY job! During your engagement session, I want you both to have NO WORRIES IN THE WORLD outside of showing up with an open heart and a willingness to have fun. I'm there to make you both comfortable and confident and to capture the magic of your unique relationship. In the meantime, here are some pro-tips to make sure you get the most out of your shoot!


Time Of Day

Ever heard of golden hour? Of course you have! Photographers never shut up about it. Here's what it is and why it's awesome! Golden hour is the 1-2 hour period after sunrise and before sunset. It's the time of day when the light is softest and the most forgiving on skin tones. Besides this, it just looks downright GORGEOUS to take pictures during this period. Because the sun is so soft during this window, you don't get crazy glare, and you also don't get the sun beating down on you overhead. Everything just looks nice and natural. I ALWAYS recommend choosing one of these two windows for your engagement shoot. We can definitely work around your schedule, but if you can meet during golden hour... I'll be the happiest camper!



I love photographing couples in locations that have some sort of special meaning to them. This can be literally anywhere! Do you both love to hike? Let's hike together! Did you have your first date in Georgetown? Let's go there! Do you feel most comfortable at home? Let's do a kick-ass in-home session! I'm not picky at ALL about locations. I encourage you both to give some thought as to locations that communicate who YOU both and speaks to your relationship. Think less about "backdrops" and more about a vibe you want to communicate. I'll shoot anywhere (provided we're allowed to shoot there, lolz!). We can go to a bar, cliffside, forest, field, or what ever else excites you! If you want some help narrowing down options, shoot me an email with a general vibe you're going for and I'm totally happy to send a few options your way!


Prepare To Have Fun

There will be no stiff posing, I promise. Instead, I like to give you all fun prompts and activities to do. I love encouraging intimacy. I adore when we reach the point in the shoot when you literally forget I'm there. I keep things silly, and I love getting to know you both and getting a sense of your relationship during our time together. Every couple is different, and my focus is on capturing your unique energy together. Some couples are more serious, others LOVE to be silly. Embrace who you are and focus on each other! And absolutely don't worry about feeling awkward during the shoot. I am always prepared to make a fool out of myself to make you both laugh!


Don't Be Afraid To Tell Me What You Want!

This is YOUR session, and I want you to LOVE your photos. Are you dead set on a particular type of picture? Are you terrified of looking too serious and want to keep things lighthearted? Is there anything at all you want to try but feel weird asking? Tell me!! The more information I have about what you want, the better your photos will be. These sessions are an invitation for us to collaborate together, so take advantage of that! Let's make whatever art YOU want to make!


Hair + Makeup + What To Wear

This is the part that tends to stress everyone out! I always recommend getting pampered beforehand and getting your hair and makeup done! Got a makeup and hair team for your wedding? This is the PERFECT time to schedule your hair and makeup trial! For clothes, wear items that make you feel AMAZING! Literally, clothes that make you feel confident are your best bet. Don't feel like you have to match your clothes, but definitely coordinate colors and patterns. Neutral colors tend to work best in a wide variety of locations, so I always recommend neutrals and one pop of color for statement.

PS: If you're planning to wear heels, being comfy shoes to walk around in. Your feet will thank you later!


I can't wait to capture the magic of your relationship!